What is a Driver?

A driver is a piece of software used by your computer to communicate with a particular peripheral. There are drivers for printers, the video, sound, modems, etc. Drivers are regularly updated and new versions can help fix problems and bring significant performance improvements.

Why upgrade drivers?
There are two main reasons to upgrade drivers:

1. Problem fixing
Compatibility problems are the most frequent problems solved by a new driver release. For instance, certain software may not run correctly due to the way they display information on the screen: the problem can be solved either by a new video driver or with a new release of the software.

2. Support of a new technology
Some peripherals rely on the processor computing power (for instance, most inkjet printers). Others peripherals integrate dedicated, specialized chips (for instance, graphics accelerator cards). New drivers optimize the communications speed and task sharing between the processor and the peripheral. A new driver can bring as much as 50% performance increase for certain tasks.

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