Acrylic block frames

Although acrylic block frames have been around for some time, they are still extremely in demand. They can be used for a wide variety of things, including traditional photo frames, certificate holders, and even sign holders. Photo frames will hang your print, poster or certificate slightly above the wall using the sign supports. Double decker frames are a great way to gift a photo of yourself or someone you care about. They are relatively cheap. There are table blocks and wall versions to choose from. As the focus is on the print rather than the frame itself, they are also very popular wedding gifts. Most frames available seem to focus more on their appearance than what’s inside. Frames made of wood allow the print inside the frame to take centre stage rather than the frame itself.

Using acrylic block frames is ideal because modern, contemporary homes require frames that are sleek and contemporary. Because the frames are so bright, you won’t have to worry about the colours matching or clashing as they will match any decor. One of the most popular types of clear frames are acrylic photo blocks.

 One of the best ways to display important documents, such as a public liability insurance certificate, is with a frame. It looks sophisticated in your foyer or reception area. In addition, they withstand high foot traffic quite well. Plexiglas wall frames allow you to change the print quickly and easily, so you always have the latest certificate on display. The front of many traditional picture frames is glass. This glass breaks easily because it is often very thin and rarely tempered. Acrylic block frames made from Perspex are much stronger than glass, being up to eight times stronger than glass of the same thickness. Perspex will break rather than shatter like glass in the unlikely event that it does. As a result, unlike a glass photo frame, you are very unlikely to cut yourself with a clear photo frame. When space is at a premium, acrylic frames are ideal because they are usually lighter than traditional framing. This is one of the advantages of acrylic frames. They are very thin and compact thanks to the thin border around the print. Unlike many other frames that are often manufactured overseas and shipped thousands of miles to our shores, most acrylic block frames are made locally. If you choose a reputable photo frame manufacturer, you will be able to order custom frames. Imported frames are almost always set to a standard size and cannot be changed, so if your print is too large, you’ll have to settle for a frame that won’t fit. As seen above, there are many great reasons to order photo blocks online.

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