land surveying

What exactly is a land survey?

The points on a Land survey and the separations between them are determined by a land survey. In the framework of local building laws and regulations, land surveys are also utilized to determine borders, making it a critical requirement for land projects.

You require a land survey because

A survey is essential before construction can begin to determine exactly what can be constructed, where it can be built, and how. This is true whether you are building a new shed on your property or an entirely new building. Land surveying is helpful because it can avoid expensive legal errors like breaching local building standards and regulations or even building on someone else’s land or property. Additionally, they can reveal prospective plans around them to avoid wasting time or money later. In all honesty, the amount of suffering your new development may bring about if a mistake was made makes a land survey a tiny expenditure.

What kinds of land surveys are there?

This list includes some of the more common kinds of land surveying services.

  • Boundary surveys assist you to fence off your land in the proper places and ensure that the work being done is inside the boundaries of your property.
  • Surveyors divide up land according to subdivision plans, which frequently occur in conjunction with legal, Teamwork in engineering, and planning.
  • Specified properties or areas of properties are described in reference plans.
  • Condominium plans are essential for new construction or for converting an existing structure into condominium units because they guarantee that the buildings and other site elements are placed correctly.
  • Topographic surveys analyze and display the geodetic ground elevations that relate to a property’s boundaries as well as current site features like utilities, driveways, buildings, and curbs.

The Surveyor’s Real Property Report examines the property lines and depicts how the home, sheds, and other aspects of the property relate to the lines. This demonstrates any encroachments and makes any potential legal problems quite evident.

Cadastral Survey: What Is It?

Cadastral surveying is a branch of land surveying that deals with restrictions on who owns what land and the defining of property lines.

It involves interpreting, counseling, and recording data for use on plans, maps, or other records about boundary positions, land ownership status, land ownership, limits, and interests. It also covers the actual definition of property lines, as well as the estimation of sizes, areas, and specific rights pertaining to properties, if on land, at sea, or with natural or artificial characteristics. Cadastral surveys are frequently conducted to divide up the land into parcels for property under the ownership of the land, and also to re-establish the borders of earlier surveyed properties to determine the true amount of ownership or to make the transfer of property easier. A land survey is essential for any new building or for addressing current problems since it accurately depicts the size, dimensions, and limits of your property and highlights potential drawbacks and future concerns. Whether you are certain of the type of land survey you need or you are unsure, we are delighted to help.

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